By Lorenzo Wilkins

During my high school years, my best buddy turned me on to photography. He was always taking these incredible photos and I was thoroughly intrigued by it all. Soon I purchased my first 35mm film camera, set up my first darkroom in my parents' basement and taught myself how to process my own film and make prints. Thus began my love of photography.


Fast forwarding in time now brings me into the digital age of new equipment and new ways of "processing" images. The challenge today seems to be keeping up with the countless models of high resolution cameras, software packages, plug-ins and such. The list is endless. I learned to just keep it simple and focus on improving the "eye" and avoid getting caught up in the technology race and the torrent of new equipment and software that seem to come out practically every other day.


I've always considered photography as a challenge for me. One that I honestly love. It presents an opportunity to learn something new about the world around me and about myself each time I pick up the camera. It's an opportunity to compose and capture the essence of that fleeting moment in time.


Because of my background in graphic design, I tend to approach photography from that particular perspective. I view it as an extension of the discipline itself and vice versa. Light, shape, space, texture and a sense of movement all play essential parts when I'm looking through the viewfinder.


I like to think that a truly compelling photograph can persuade the viewer to enter into and explore that image, go through that door, climb those stairs, walk down that road, and feel the emotions that image may evoke.